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3rd kilometer Shams Abad road, Mahvelat, Feyzabad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran.

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 +989150099991         +989150099990




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  1. Hygienic halls
  2. Concrete and hygienic floors
  3. 50 tons modern weighbridge truck scale
  4. Warehouses with the capacity of 1000 tons dry pistachio
  5. Forklift to accelerate pistachio gathering from the yard and loading
  6. Pistachio sorting machine
  7. Four complete mechanized and hygeniec processing lines of pistachio with the capacity of 20 tons an hour

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Agricultural complex and factory of “ Farshi Pistachio and Sons” stablished in 1965 by Mohammad Farsh Forosh in Mahvelat. Our main activity is cultivating and processing pistachio. The company set up a pistachio processing unit in 2006. With the integration of specialized agricultural knowledge and Mr. Farsh Forosh's experiences, our complex has become one of the nation's leading organic pistachio producers.